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Class Dojo

At Raysfield Primary School we are passionate about positive behaviour and believe in rewarding the behaviours we want to see from the children. We do this through building strong, trusting relationships with our pupils and by celebrating successes.

Class Dojo is an excellent way of rewarding pupils and communicating successes with parents.

Pupils earn dojo points for learning, conduct and behaviour. Teachers award the points via an app and parents get instant communication about how well their child is doing at school.

Children are grouped into four Houses and earn points not just for themselves but for their House. This positively encourages team work and a sense of belonging. At the end of every week House Captains total the points and a winning House is declared in a celebration assembly.

The benefits of Class Dojo doesn’t stop there! Each class has a story page where teachers regularly post photographs of pupils learning, homework and messages. There is also a whole school story to celebrate big events. This is a quick and easy way of parents keeping up to date with school life and their child’s progress.

Class Dojo also has a private message service should you need to contact a teacher with a question or non-urgent query.

If you haven’t signed up yet then download the free app and contact your class teacher who can invite you to see your child’s learning.