KNOW myself.

RESPOND to my world.

CONNECT with my community.

Our Curriculum

What is the Curriculum aim for our children?

Know myself

At Raysfield, we would like children to be confident, self-assured and resilient learners. We feel this can be achieved through children having a good understanding of themselves and through knowing their own strengths and abilities both academically and socially. We call this ‘Know myself’.

Know myself underpins everything we do at Raysfield in helping children to become successful learners and in helping them to recognise that they can achieve their goals both academic and personal. We promote this in:

  • the ethos of the school by having a clear vision of success for our pupils.
  • the way we treat the pupils. We engage with pupils and take the time to listen and reflect upon areas of personal and social development
  • explicitly teaching learning and social skills through our SOLE curriculum.

Through the curriculum, teachers will plan lessons which explicitly teach and reflect upon the Raysfield SOLE skills. Children will be given opportunities to work upon these skills in lessons and will be able to articulate their own personal development in know myself in regards to 1) how they learn 2) what their own personal strengths and abilities are.

We are confident that through ‘know myself’, children will become happy, resilient learners who understand and are able to demonstrate the skills needed for their future.

Respond to my world

At Raysfield, the curriculum provides opportunities for children to learn about the world in which they live, both past and present and future. Topics are chosen which will ignite fasciation and interest in the learners and curriculum links are made whenever possible. Our curriculum is designed to challenge children’s thinking and asks them to reflect upon key concepts about topical issues. 

The curriculum is split into three subject drivers. These drivers will be the main curriculum skills learnt during those terms. This gives pupils the opportunity to focus upon subjects and skills at a deeper level. It also provides opportunities for in-depth professional development for staff.

At Raysfield we recognise the importance of children developing their own opinions about the world around them. Therefore, we plan lessons which challenge children’s thinking and asks them to reflect upon topical issues. They are encouraged to ask questions and give their opinions as well as make observations about their own impact upon the world. We call this Respond to my world.

Key concepts which ask the children to reflect upon include:

Connect with my community

We feel that learning should be interesting, thought provoking and relevant therefore it is important for children to have a real purpose to everything that they do; this means interacting with real people on real projects.

Through our project based learning approach, we create opportunities for children to connect with my community. This could be by making some kind of change or difference to that community or simply by taking part in an event. The important part is that the learning is real and purposeful and will require children to engage with others outside of the class setting.

Connect with my Community enables children to reflect upon the different communities they are a part of but most importantly interact with them. These communities include:

  • My School
  • My Locality: Chipping Sodbury
  • My City: Bristol
  • My Country: England / UK
  • My World