KNOW myself.

RESPOND to my world.

CONNECT with my community.

Our Curriculum

What is the Curriculum aim for our children?

Know myself

At Raysfield, we would like children to be confident, self-assured and resilient learners. We feel this can be achieved through children having a good understanding of themselves and through knowing their own strengths and abilities both academically and socially. We call this ‘Know myself’.

Know myself underpins everything we do at Raysfield in helping children to become successful learners and in helping them to recognise that they can achieve their goals both academically and personally. We promote this in the explicit teaching, development and learning of our 21st Century skills and this is fully integrated into our Project Based Learning approach.

Respond to my world

​At Raysfield, the curriculum provides opportunities for children to learn about the world in which they live: the past, present and future. Our intention is to provide a deeper learning experience where knowledge and practise of our 21st Century skills are taught across a range of subjects. We pride ourselves of making our projects current and meaningful for our young people; responding to their interests, needs and what is relevant to the world we live in today. We call this ‘Respond to my World’.

Project Based Learning Pathway

Throughout the year, our young people engage in several projects and the following diagram demonstrates how our 21st Century skills and our approach to learning is delivered.

Connect with my community

We strongly feel learning should be interesting, thought provoking and relevant. Therefore, it is important for children to have a real purpose to everything that they do; this means interacting with real people on real projects. Our teachers spend time skilfully planning connections to ensure our curriculum is meaningful; they make links and explicitly teach these connections to make learning memorable.

Through our project based learning approach, we create opportunities for children to connect with their community. This could be making a positive change to our community or simply by taking part in an event.

Connect with my Community enables children to reflect upon the different communities they are a part of. These communities include:

  • My School
  • My Locality: Chipping Sodbury
  • My City: Bristol
  • My Country: England / UK
  • My World