KNOW myself.

RESPOND to my world.

CONNECT with my community.

Our Learning

Team Raysfield believe that all learning should be purposeful and include authentic experiences to enable children to deepen their understanding through the exploration of BIG questions and the development of curiosity!

We are most proud of the new way we are teaching our foundation subjects, with the introduction of the Project-Based Learning approach.  We divide our year into three: Discover (history based themes) EXPLORE (Science based themes) CREATE (Art based themes). These themes provide the main drives for projects, and although all subjects are taught throughout year, giving a specific focus allows our teachers to explore subjects at a greater depth.

We passionately believe in using high quality books for all our English lessons, starting new units of work with highly engaging events to stimulate interest and motivation for our young people. Our maths curriculum is equally stimulating with specific time built in to exploring concepts, not just learn written methods.

In addition to this, we use the JIGSAW resource to help us teach pupils about the development of themselves as people. It is an incredibly important element to supporting our young people to make positive life choices. For more information about JIGSAW follow this link

Please download as required. Paper copies of all documents on this website are available from the school office.

Year group themes coming soon…