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Reading at Raysfield

​At Raysfield we believe in both the importance of developing children’s discrete word-reading skills and comprehension, and the need to nurture their love of books and reading. We recognise that the two elements are intertwined; each relies on the other if children are to become life-long readers.

What does this look like in school?

In EYFS & Year 1, we develop our pupil’s early reading skills through daily phonics with the main emphasis on word reading and the application of phonic knowledge. Our Early Reading books are fully decodable, teachers use regular assessment of children’s word reading ability to ensure pupils are reading the appropriate level. We use Letters and Sounds programme and Jolly Phonics as our main approach.

Teachers place high importance on modelling how to read in daily story sessions using high quality texts. Texts which allow teachers to explore the world of reading with pupils and begin the ‘love of reading journey’.

In Year 2 – Year 6, children who have developed their reading skills begin to focus on reading comprehension and fluency. Teachers use a progression of skills programme (VIPERS) to ensure children are both challenged and supported during daily Guided Reading sessions. Guided reading is a powerful way of supporting children to make progress in reading, providing a regular and supportive time for children to encounter engaging texts that will resonate with their interests and capture their imagination. Through these guided reading sessions, teachers assess the pupils reading ability and ensure they are reading books, which have been benchmarked, and support their needs during independent reading time.

Our Project Based curriculum allows teachers to plan for the use of high quality, inspiring texts which support children in both their reading and writing.

Reading for Pleasure.

Children in EYFS and KS1 have the opportunity to take home fully decodable books to practise their word reading skills with their parents. Alongside this, they can choose from a wide range of ‘Raysfield Bedtime Story Books’ which allow parents to support our reading culture and love of reading.

All books in KS2 have been benchmarked to ensure there is consistency in our reading provision. We continue to invest in reading books, environments and use high quality texts throughout our English curriculum to inspire, encourage and develop a love of reading.

The Reading Environment.

We believe in order to develop a love of reading, our environment needs to support this. Each classroom has a dedicated reading area in which children have free access to high quality texts which not only link to their learning but also their own personal interests.