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Remote Learning

This term our learning will look a little different; here’s what you can expect from our team of enthusiastic teachers and support staff.

We are very proud of the remote learning offer we will be providing for your children during this lockdown. Our teachers have been working very hard to prepare and record lessons, which the children will be able to access. Your children will also have three ‘live lessons’ a week. The two main platforms we will be using for these lessons are Google Classroom and Class Dojo. If you are experiencing any problems accessing either of these platforms, in the first instance contact your class teacher and email and we will endeavour to enable you to secure access as soon as possible.

What can we expect from Raysfield Primary School during the national lockdown?

Remote-table1 v2

This is a fantastic remote learning offer, and it has been our priority this time to support the majority of our parents who are working from home. Our teachers are also working from home, and your child’s class teacher will only be required to attend site for one week during this term.

To ensure everyone’s experience is the same, children attending school during this time, will be supported by our on-site team to access the remote learning offer.