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Medical Matters

Health Checks

Medicals only take place if needed. However, the School Nurse carries out routine weighing, measuring and eyesight tests during your child’s first year of school. Statutory hearing and dental checks are also carried out; if there are any matters to be discussed you will be contacted. You are always informed when hearing and dental checks are taking place – no treatment is ever involved and you are advised if any further action should be taken.


We do not administer medicines in school. A child who is not well will not be in school anyway but, if any require long term medication, we ask that parents come into school to discuss procedures for conditions such as asthma, diabetes, etc. Please do not send any kind of medication, cream or lipsalve, etc. to school with your child. Medication such as inhalers are administered by the child under the supervision of an adult and are kept in a secure location.


Head Lice

The problem of lice and nits (the eggs) does occur from time to time in all schools. Parents are asked to check everyone in their house every week, more often in the summer, adults included! Unless we are specifically asked not to do so we will check the heads of children where we suspect that there may be a problem ie if the child is scratching. If live lice are found you will be asked to take your child out of school so that you can carry out the ‘bug busting’ routine, your child may then return to school. Full instructions and advice are always available in the school office.

Do ask us or call at the Health Centre if you are not certain what to do.