KNOW myself.

RESPOND to my world.

CONNECT with my community.

Our Houses

House Captains

At Raysfield, we have 4 houses: Wolves, Vipers, Eagles, and Panthers. Each house is represented by a colour. When a child joins our school they are put into a house. The children are rewarded Dojo points for outstanding behaviour, brilliant learning or when they demonstrate one of our school values. This contributes to the house’s weekly totals, which are announced in our Learner of the Week Assembly on Friday.

Each house is lead superbly by two Year 6 House Captains. These were elected democratically by the entire school, after giving a speech explaining why they would make an excellent House Captains.

  • Eagle – Lily and Megan
  • Panther – Jack and Joseph
  • Vipers – Keira and Matthew
  • Wolves – Stanley and Emily

Introducing our House Captains

As House Captains, we take our role very seriously, especially because we have many extra responsibilities. We help the Office staff during our lunch times, delivering important messages and letters to the classes. On Fridays, we help lead the assembly to the whole school, which includes counting up the Dojo points for each house. We even conduct tours of our school for visitors and new parents, answering important questions about how our school runs and demonstrating our school values. We care about and help every child in our school, even if they are not in our house, and we make ourselves available on the school playground so children can find us if they need help. We wear our House Captain badges with pride.